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As I sit with my “big guys” head lying in my lap and
I gently caress every soft curve, I stare with tears welling in hopes to burn every inch of him into my brain.
I realize that he will not be with me much longer and the pain is already starting to creep into play,
reminding me just how much I love him and don’t want him to go, but I have no choice.
His time has come.

Above is only one of many that I have lost, none are easy and now I have another who will
soon leave. It never is easy and always leaves emptiness in ones’ heart.

This is why I have created my pet urns and frames.
It started with me trying to create something to remember my baby and to work through the grief
and now I am making them available for all who are looking for something designed
from the heart that gives an uplifting and positive visual of the pets that loved unconditionally and were loved.
Something that reminds us that they are being looked after and cared for until we will meet with them again.

We are a wholesale company working with Pet boutiques, veterinarians, online stores, pet related organizations
and funeral homes but welcome everyone to our site and invite you to see the wonderful and sensitive
memorials, pet urns and frames that we offer.
If you are a guest and are interested in purchasing our products
please contact one of our retailers listed on our links page.

Welcome to our site.

If you are a retailer that is interested in selling our products
please contact us for detailed information.
We look forward to working with you.

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